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California Contractors Bond

California State License Board requires that every company have the right license and permit bonds.  The bonds are in place to protect consumers in the case of defective construction.  They also help employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers receive money for the work that they have done.

California Contractors Bond Requirements:

The must be backed by a company license by the California Department of Insurance
There is s minimum amount for the bond, $12,500
The information on the bond must match exactly with your company’s filling information
There must be a signature from the bonding company
The bond must be approved by the Attorney General’s Office
The CSLB’s Office must receive a copy of the bond within 90 days


California has developed a strict set of laws regarding construction  and contractors.  It would be a full time job just keeping up with the ever-changing list of regulations.  You need a experienced professional to help you keep tracking of the complex landscape.

California Contractors Insurance has over 30 years of experience working with small business owners to get the correct bonds to keep them compliant with state and federal regulations.


Types of Small Business Bonds We Offer:

Bid Bond – Makes sure that you have the financial stability to complete the project at your bid.
Payment Bond – This will ensure that your employees, contractors, and suppliers will get paid at the end of the project.
Performance Bond – This will ensure the project is completed up to the terms and conditions of the contract.
License Bonds – License bond act like a guarantee to the customer that the project will be done according to rules and regulations set by the region.